Seattle: Day 2 -- Kerry Park and Saying Goodbye

On day 2 of Seattle we had almost a full day even though we were flying home.  We packed up all our stuff and had it held for us after we checked out.  We stayed at The Holiday Inn Seattle.  The room was fairly nice for how much it cost.  But the hotel itself was nothing special.  But the goal was to find an inexpensive but comfortable room in the heart of downtown.

Though we did enjoy being back at a hotel where we could actually watch some familiar television shows!

We were able to do everything I had planned for Seattle on our first day leaving us with nothing left to do.  So I jumped online to hunt for some things to do including good places to take pictures.  I searched for "Seattle engagement sessions" and stumbled upon a few places with great views.

Our first stop was to Kerry Park which, from what I have seen, is pretty well known by most.  But it was new to me and I am so glad I was able to find this iconic spot for some great photos.  We walked, which ended up being quite an upward trek.  But it brought us through residential areas where I could drool over all the adorable little houses.

This famous view of Seattle was well worth the two mile hike! 

After taking photos and enjoying the view, we stopped at a Top Pot doughnut that was near by. 

We enjoyed some of their seasonal doughnuts - I believe we got pumpkin spice and apple something.

The needle!!!

We didn't have a plan for lunch and happened to walk by Blue Water Taco Grill.  It ended up being a huge winner!  We eat a lot of Mexican food and these nachos were very impressive!  By how busy they were at lunch time on a Monday afternoon, this place proved to be quite popular!

My other "engagement photo" location was near Sculpture Park down by the water.  We set up our tripod and took in the beautiful ocean view.

Not pictured: me dipping my feet in the water!  I cannot visit an ocean without at least putting my feet in!  It was cold but perfectly refreshing!

We ended up having way too much time after such a long week already.  And it was tough that we didn't even have a hotel room to retreat to anymore.  While not having to rush had it's perks, we were pretty beat on our last day.  We lingered in the park and took in a last few more views before finally heading home.

It was a long but good end to a fabulous five year anniversary trip.  We saw so much and learned a lot about travel.  The trip had it's ups and downs but now (almost a year later!), looking back at it all, I am so grateful for the fond memories.  Seeing different parts of the world has become a true gift and passion.  We come home different, drawing closer to one another, and having a wider world view.

We are actually heading back to Seattle next month as we head to Victoria BC for our six year anniversary.  It is amazing how quickly this last year has gone by and being able to look back at last year's trip has me even more excited to visit somewhere new!  Though this time I hope to not take a year to blog about it all!

"To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted."

-Bill Bryson

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