Viva® Vantage® Live Event

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This post was created on behalf of Viva® Vantage®.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Domestic Fashionista possible!

Last week I spent a very fun morning at the Viva® Vantage® Live Event with a bunch of awesome bloggers, yummy food, and fun activities.  We learned all about the Viva® Vantage® 7-Day Switch Up and how we could switch up the everyday to be a little more intentional and fun.

It is so easy to get in a rut sometimes with anything in life and sometimes I miss out on great options in the process.  Thanks to Viva® Brand I was inspired to take everyday tasks and switch them up -- from how I use paper towels to using my favorite flavored syrups in an Italian Soda Bar!

We learned all about Viva® Towels and their stretchy-strength and scrubbing power.  I was impressed with the quality of this 2015 Product of the Year.

The decor at the event was delightful and fall themed.  I loved how they used simple everyday table decor with a bunch of pumpkins to make a sophisticated and festive look.

For our meal we had the cutest waffle bar setup.  Instead of just average waffles, we indulged in pumpkin waffles with all the fixings!  Such an inspiring set up for my next brunch themed party!

Besides devouring the yummy food and pretty decor, we got to get our hands on the Viva® Towels to see just how well they worked.  They can be used as a colander to rinse off fruit as well as actually absorb all the oil from bacon!  My current paper towels are always soaked through with oil which kind of defeats the purpose!

We found how easy it was to switch up our kitchen routines by using Viva® Towels that lasted more then one rinse.  The stretch delivers scrubbing power taking it to a whole new level.

Here a few more pictures from the event since I am always the one behind the camera!  Photos by Green Vintage Photography.

As part of the 7-Day Switch Up Challenge, we were to go home and try switching up some of our own household tasks with Viva® Vantage®.  I am currently packing for a trip and so instead of letting my jewelry get all tangled up in my suitcase, I am now using Viva® Towels, that won't tear as easily, to wrap up each item keeping them safe even on the bumpiest travel adventures.

Another switch up is using Viva® Towels to clean up the kitchen.  I have this habit of using the same towel over and over all day and then tossing it on the floor to get put in the laundry.  Then I need to wipe something up again and I pick up the towel on the floor.  It is a dirty habit and after using Viva® Vantage®, I realized just how dirty my towels really are.  I am now not just keeping the kitchen appearing clean, I am actually getting the dirt out and tossing it instead of re-rubbing it onto the counters!

And in case you are like me and can't believe it until you see it, here is a close up of a Viva® Towel.  It has a Revolutionary V-Flex™ Weave which allows you to stretch your scrubbing power.  I have honestly never used such a quality paper towel before!  If you are going to pay for something, it needs to be doing it's job for you.  I'm a believer!

I am excited to try out a bunch of new ways to switch things up.  I am going to start wrapping Viva® Towels around a head of lettuce to keep it fresh longer.  I am also going to quickly get the grime off of my stove with the scrubbing power of Viva® Vantage®.

Are you willing to take the 7-Day Switch Up?  Give it a try here and receive a coupon to purchase and try out the product for yourself!  Share your experience for the 7-Day Switch Up on their website and you can also be entered in to win a $100 gift card!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Viva® Vantage®.