A Simple Fall Home Tour

Today I am sharing the simplest of fall tours.  And by tour I mean my dining room and front door!  But as life seems to flash by these days, I find myself craving less.  I still love a gentle nod to the season but gone are the days of filling the house full of seasonal decor. 

Fall is also an especially busy season for me.  We are getting back into outside the home routines, blogging ramps up for the holidays, and we also usually plan some sort of trip for our anniversary in early October.  While I am far from rushing the holidays, I have created a habit of putting out our fall decor mid September so I can fall knee deep into life and not worry about decorating and blogging in the midst of it all. 

Despite it's simplicity, I am quite pleased with our first fall mantel on our fireplace that we put up last winter.  I put up a monogrammed pumpkin from our wedding (six years ago now!), a whimsical pumpkin from a local craft fair, and some neutral beads to dress up our existing mantel decor with a special emphasis on fall.

I switched out my summer fern (because it died!) and also added a large basket to the fireplace.  The mix of green and brown seem to work well in breaking up an empty fireplace.

The garland I made years ago from craft store beads. 

On the outside of the house, I have my magnolia wreath and a few fake pumpkins.  While I love the look of real pumpkins, having these fake ones allow me to make my visit to the pumpkin patch more of an outing and less like a chore when I already have my decor pre-purchased.

I know these rules do not apply to everyone.  But if you are a blogger, this is my way of keeping up with the seasons but not necessarily keeping up with the blogging Jones'. 

So that is my simple house for fall.  I hope it inspires bringing a little beauty into your home without a ton of work or breaking the bank. 

When we get back from our anniversary trip it will be mid October and I will have a few Halloween items to add to the mix.  Until then I am enjoying the simplicity of my home so I can be more present in day to day living.