Moms Group Backyard Family Movie Night

We recently hosted a family backyard movie night for my moms group.  It was our first family/kid focused event and I would be lying if I didn't tell you it was a little crazy!  But good crazy!  We feel so blessed to have the space to host a fun night out for these families.  We just maybe weren't quite used to having that many children in our home at once!

We set up the movie earlier in the evening to work around bed times.  The movie was viewable, just not as great as it would have been in the dark (and the photos blow out the screen more than it really was).

We made the event a potluck as well.  We provided hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn while the other families each brought a dish to share.  Everyone set up their blanket or chairs and enjoyed dinner and snacks in front of the big screen.

I debated on whether or not to use paper products or my regular party plates and cups.  But after much thought, I figured I would still save money even if something broke over buying paper products just for one night.  Plus less waste!  It is why I have invested in inexpensive but hearty dining wear - mason jars for drinks and white plates from the dollar store - so it just made sense to stick with my original investment.  A few parents showed concern over breaking something and I reassured them that it was okay!  Nothing ended up breaking that night and I saved us some money! 

Kids ran all over our yard while the adults got to have a few uninterrupted conversations!  I love seeing our yard being used for kids to just play.  We don't have a ton of entertaining things for them yet they seem plenty content freely running around in a confined backyard.  It is very sweet to watch.

A few of the older kids helped out with the popcorn - spraying it with butter cooking spray and salt and passing it out to everyone.  It must be the teacher in me because I love encouraging kids to be helpful!

We usually use canola or olive oil to spray and stir the popcorn after it's popped and then sprinkle salt (or parmesan cheese!) on top.  But I opted for trying butter flavored spray this time around and it was amazing!  An easy way to get that butter taste without drenching it in butter!

We also put out a few tables for those who wanted to sit there to eat.

And as the night went on, the ambiance (and screen) just kept getting better!  Unfortunately most of the families with little ones had left by then.

It was a fun time had by all and we got to experience a fun new entertaining experience in our home!

The night ended for me with a full heart and popcorn all over the yard!  But the squirrels must have had a feast because it was all gone by the next day!  Happy kids and happy squirrels!