Simple DIY Halloween Porch

Over the past few years I have started to decorate for Halloween more out on our front porch.  Since my seasonal decor is becoming more minimal inside the house, it has been fun to go a bit more all out in the front yard, especially knowing that it will be a welcome scene for trick or treaters.  

My fall bin of decor consists of plastic pumpkins, my wreath, a few crows, and spiderwebs.  It is not a lot but I feel like the simple classic pieces go a long way.  This year I added the hanging ghosts by tying up dish towels and tennis balls.  So easy yet so fun!

Though we may have some serious neck cramps after crouching under the spider webs!  

This year we are planning on carrying on the tradition we started last year by putting out our projector and playing a Halloween movie on the driveway while we hang out by the fire pit with neighbors and friends. 

As a married couple, without kids, in our thirties, we are really looking forward to Halloween in our driveway.  If we are too old to be the ones having fun trick or treating, we will create a welcoming place for them to come to us instead!

Happy (almost) Halloween!