What's In My Bag: Travel First Aid Kit

I put together a little travel first aid kit for the last vacation we went on.  After learning that when traveling outside the country, it could be hard to find certain familiar medications.  You cannot necessarily plan for everything, but I also no longer have the perception of - I'll just buy it there if I need it.  I prefer to be better prepared so time is spent enjoying a new city instead of searching the city for a pharmacy.

In my first aid kit I include Emergen-C (for the first sign of sickness), Monistat Chafing Relief Gel, Band-Aid Friction Block, and Vaseline (for inner thighs, on the feet, and anywhere I need some rubbing relief).  I also include Abreva for cold sores, bandaids, pain relief pills, and cold and flu medication.

I would say all three of the following rubbing relief products are helpful.  I purchased all three to try them out.  I use Vaseline the most in the summer when my legs get really sweaty and the Monistat the most when traveling (a soft and comfortable powder gel).  As for feet protection, I now swear by Darn Tough Socks.  No more need for layering my feet with creams and bandaids!

I fit it all into a small travel size bag (I love these ones from Travelon).  When going through the airport, between our first aid kit and toiletries bag, we are able to fill all our liquids into two small bags - one each for Brent and I when going through security.

This last photo is not first aid related, but I did find small hair spray bottles that I like.  Once one was empty I used it to fill with texturizer spray.  They do sell travel size spray bottles but I find that the quality is pretty cheap.  Using these hair spray bottles ensures a much better overall spray.

The more we travel, the more streamlined my packing has become.  With enough trips under my belt I am now confident in what I need when away from home that saves me both time and money!