Christmas in Review 2015

This last Christmas was a unique one.  In the months leading up to getting pregnant, I thought it would be fun to be pregnant at Christmas.  Until I got pregnant and I was pretty much sick the whole time.  I am sure in years to come I will look back fondly at this exciting season but in the moment I literally was just trying to get through it.  

Let's just say there was a lot of Gilmore Girls watching and eating on the couch.  I don't think we have eaten at the table in months.  

I always try to do something fun with my nephew during the Christmas season but all I could handle was driving to look at Christmas lights and making some really lame sugar cookies.  I bought a roll of refrigerated cookie dough, cut it into slices and let him decorate them with sprinkles and chocolate chips.  Of course, he didn't care or notice a difference but it was definitely a low in my creative abilities!  Also, during this pre-belly-popping but nothing fits stage, I went ahead and bought myself a new sweatshirt and sweatpants.  They are pretty cute.  But definitely super comfortable.  I am calling it my new mom uniform and you will probably find me wearing it through February!

Both on Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Eve, Brent and I do our own thing since the actual holiday is spent with family.  This year we went with take out instead of cooking!

We enjoyed some cookies from neighbors for dessert.  I usually bake for our neighbors and friends but this year I just couldn't.  I felt so terrible but knew realistically it would be too much.  I decided six faithful years of holiday baking surely gets me a year off!

This year was also extra special because we hosted my side of the family for the first time.  I have been looking forward to the chance to host for years and this year we finally got to!  We decided to announce the pregnancy to our family on Christmas.  So for my family, I made these paint pen mugs and set them out for coffee.

It took everyone awhile to finally get it, but seeing their reactions was priceless!   Then seeing them drink their coffee or tea all morning from their mugs was really sweet.

For breakfast we served bagels with bacon and eggs and my sister in law brought cinnamon rolls and fruity sugar cereal (as requested by Brent and my brother!).  It was simple but tasty allowing us to just enjoy the morning (I cooked the eggs and bacon ahead of time and then put them in the slow cooker to keep warm).

Now that my nephews are both a little older, it was so fun to see them enjoy their Christmas gifts.  They are the sweetest.

Kids are so silly sometimes.  I love this series of photos of my nephew holding his new t-shirt with his chin!

It is always a joy to sit back and take in having all of my family together in our home.

Some of our extended family showed up a little later for breakfast and hanging out.

We also celebrated with Brent's family later in the day.  His family arrived in shifts over the course of the next week so each sibling got their announcement mug in their Christmas gift.  My sister and brother in law were very excited for us.  It was really sweet.  They are also expecting their first baby in a few short months.  

And while I was making all those mugs, I thought I would make one for Brent and I from Santa.  He left a silly little letter for us.  :)