Creating a Relaxing Retreat at Home

This post is written in partnership with the #DiscoverDamak campaign, sponsored by NESTLÉ Damak® at Walgreens and all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible.

I love a good getaway.  There is something about being away from the day to day, a break from life's regular responsibilities, and being able to indulge in the treats of being away from home.  Unfortunately my schedule and wallet does not allow for me to head off to new and exotic places as much as I would like!  So instead I have learned to make relaxing retreats at home.  These little escapes offer a time of rest and rejuvenation which is usually just enough to get me through another busy week.

I recently stopped into my local Walgreens to pick up a few things to create a relaxing retreat at home.  My shopping basket included NESTLÉ Damak® Chocolate, some new nail polish, and a pretty smelling candle.  Plop me in front of a favorite romantic comedy and this pregnant lady's night is made!

But a cozy night in isn't the only time I try to make a relaxing retreat at home.  I am a big believer in creating an experience.  Being intentional about how you go about the day to day can really make a difference in enjoying the tasks of everyday life.  

Whether you work at home (like me) or head off daily to the office, I also love to have a little treat at my desk to help me push through whatever I am working on.  

I put on my classical playlist, fill up my iced coffee, and take little nibbles of chocolate.  What usually can feel mundane now makes me feel calm, relaxed, and focused on the job ahead of me.  

If I am having friends over I like to have a few snacks on hand.  Nothing too fancy so that I can simply enjoy my company.  A mix of salty and sweet allows for guests to take a few bites without taking away from the focus on conversation.

Chocolate has been one of my main kitchen staples lately.  It is so easy to pull out and serve and when you provide exotic flavors like NESTLÉ Damak's dark and fine chocolate with pistachios from Turkey, no one cares that I did not slave over it in the kitchen!  They want to know what it is and where to buy it! 

And if you are a busy mom who is constantly chasing around little ones, a sweet treat in your diaper bag or to bring to your next play date will get you through those long afternoons and are sure to win you points with your other mommy friends! 

If this summer does not allow you to get away to somewhere exotic, consider creating a relaxing retreat at home.  Put your feet up, turn your phone off, and watch the sunset as you enjoy your after dinner treat on the front porch.  Create a moment for yourself and your loved ones to soak in these long summer days.

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