Day Trip Babymoon to Monterey

Around the beginning of June, we were just a little over a month away from our baby's arrival.  I wanted to have a traditional night away babymoon, but with how busy our summer was already looking, it didn't seem like a feasible guarantee.  We could have waited it out to see if we could squeeze in a night away but I figured it would be better to just make a day trip happen in case we could not get in a trip at all in the coming weeks.

It ended up being a wonderful day together.  I just wanted to smell the ocean breeze, put my feet in the water, eat yummy food, and get an uninterrupted day with my husband.  Plus we had hit over one hundred degrees that week in Sacramento so the temperature change was very welcome to this very pregnant woman!

We made our first stop in Carmel for window shopping and picking up some treats from our favorite bakery there.

Everything is so lush by the ocean.  I loved seeing all the beautiful plants and flowers in bloom.

I love the ocean in Northern California.  Overcast skies at the beach are my favorite.  

After browsing Carmel we drove down the road to Cannery Row in Monterey for some more photos by the beach, walking around, and dinner.

Baby's first trip to the ocean at 34 weeks!

I always get so moved when we head to the ocean.  It literally is a breath of fresh air to my soul and it always seems to come just at the right time.  I could not help but feel especially emotional as I looked out into the wide sea thinking about these past eleven years Brent and I have had together and that in a few short weeks our lives would be changing dramatically with the coming of our son. 

Part of me feels a bit nostalgic and sad to see this chapter of our lives close while other parts of me feel a mix of excitement and fear knowing that our baby boy is going to make our lives even richer.  The ocean is a reminder that this world is so much more grand than what my mind can wrap around sometimes.  If I was limited to only understanding what feels safe and secure, I would never fully get to live the life that is ahead of me. 

Becoming a mom feels this way to me.  It seems so unknown and uncertain.  And yet I know I can trust it is going to be beautiful.  But even then, this life I have already had in front of me has been so wonderful.  It's hard to even believe what could be ahead. 

We later ate dinner at a little Italian place that overlooks the ocean.  

We stopped at a few familiar places we have been before.  We took pictures in front of these same little houses almost five years ago.  It is fun to look back and see how much we have changed and yet see how much we have also stayed the same!

We then finished off our day with dessert by the water.  

A lovely day just the two of us.  We talked about how the next time we head to Monterey, we would have our little guy with us.  What a thought.  I think he will love the ocean just like his mom.