Our Days Are Numbered

We have begun finalizing the details of our move to Virginia.  We will be moving by the end of next month with a trip before then to go look for a home.  Things have all happened rather quickly now that we are down to the wire and we are in a bit of a frenzy preparing to leave.

The house is in disarray as we purge, organize, and pack.  We are preparing our house to rent and planning our first cross country flight with a two month old.  I try to take advantage of every minute of the baby's nap time to feel like I am making some sort of progress on the long to do list we still have to tackle.

Sadness has started to set in as our family tries to soak up these last weeks with us.  Everyone is taking advantage of lots of baby snuggles and I cannot help but feel guilty for taking away our baby from our family.

I know we are doing what we are supposed to do.  We have known about this move for over a year now.  Yet somehow the preparation doesn't take away how hard this move will be or make it any easier to leave so many that we love.

Our days are officially numbered and it feels like each one quickly slips away.  Having a move date has officially given us the accountability to tackle things that we have been putting off.  Yet these past two months of living life with our baby boy has been a welcomed distraction to the reality ahead of us.

Despite the heartache of leaving, so many things are aligning in our favor, reminding us that this move is a good thing.  We continue to be blessed with good things that are all proof that we can trust in an unknown future.

There seems like so much to say but not enough time to say it.  I've been looking back a lot to the past few years and all the good stretching, growing, adventures, and experiences I have had.  With a new child in our lives on top of moving across the country, I see the close of one season in preparation for another.

So many memories within the walls of our little home is coming to a close.  I know home will be made wherever my family is at.  But I will miss our sweet little home where we began our marriage and family.  It's been a good seven years.

Photo: from our East Coast trip in January when I was two months pregnant!

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