Watch Baby Grow: Monthly Chalkboard Sign

Back a few months ago I made this watch baby grow sign for my sister in law to use for monthly photos of her son.  She found one online that she liked that I then copied.  I used paint pens to write on the chalkboard which she could later fill out with chalk.

I did a rough draft with chalk to get the format and sizing all correct.  Once I felt ready, I tackled it with the paint pens.  I snapchatted (@domesticfash) my way through it and was a little nervous!

I took one section at a time, erasing the chalk and filling in with paint pen.

And to my luck it came out great!

It was a fun and special project for my nephew that I get to see him photographed with each month!  And somehow hear I am, no longer pregnant, and my carpal tunnel is gone!  Time sure does fly by.