Bandana Bib Tutorial

About three months in to having our son we found out he was a serious drooler.  It was actually when we were traveling cross country and it was so bad I had to order bibs on Amazon to get shipped to our hotel because we were going through the few bibs we had rather quickly.

It wasn't until just recently that we do not have a bib on him 24/7 (at 14 months).  Even then, we still use one whenever we go out.  All babies are different.  Some are not droolers.  But if you have a serious drooler like we do, then this is for you.

We found that the bandana bibs we ordered on Amazon to be our favorite.  Cute patterns and a good bandana cut.  They were more absorbent than the other ones we had.  The only problem was right at the neck, the white decorative pattern was sticky on his skin.

He eventually developed a rash (partially due to also having our first cold east coast non-California winter!) that lasted months.  We used the other flannel bibs I had made during the day and they seemed to work well but I wanted a bandana style for whenever we went out.  So this tutorial is a combination of our two favorite bibs - the cute bandana style and the flannel skin/excema friendly version!

The green bib is one of the ones I purchased on Amazon.  I used this bandana and one other as my template.  I pinned them to flannel fabric and cut around.  I gave myself a pretty generous seam allowance so the bigger size just resulted in a larger bib that has worked out fine.

Once I had the pattern side cut, I pinned them to a neutral piece of fabric to cut for the back side.

With patterns facing each other, I sewed around the edges leaving one section open to pull the fabric inside out.

Once flipped around, I sewed along the edges for a finished look.

I used this set for the snaps:

And like that a giant collection of stylish and absorbent bibs were made!

He gets lots of compliments on them.  Often they get referred to as scarves by strangers.  But we don't mind.  They are cute no matter what you call them.