Easy Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial

Our son loves his blanket.  It is pretty sweet and slightly obsessive.  It helps to calm him down and is a source of security when we drop him off at our church and gym childcare.

It all started when I found some adorable blankets I loved only to find that they were a million dollars.  Okay maybe not a million - but over fifty and maybe close to one hundred.  For a blanket that gets dropped in the dirt, smoothie spit on, and dragged across the nursery carpet during cold and flu season, I needed a less expensive and more durable option.

So I hunted for some minky fabric that I liked - designs that would mimic the expensive blankets I wanted that I could make at a more reasonable price point.  I jumped into the world of Spoonflower and fell in love.  Spoonflower offers a selection of wonderful designs (that anyone can create!) and you can order it in a variety of fabric choices.  It is a bit more pricey than buying from the fabric store but still cheaper than the coveted million dollar blankets.

I made them in two sizes - one yard of fabric blankets (below) and mini travel size blankets (above).  For the mini blankets I used a half of yard of fabric and cut it into three not perfectly equal squares.

The patterned minky fabric is from Spoonflower and the back colored minky fabric I purchased at Joann's (to save money).  The only exception is the small square travel size blankets were made with plaid minky fabric that I found at Joann's as well (this was the first time I have seen designs on minky at Joann's that I liked).


This is pretty much one of the easiest sewing projects ever.  You line up two pieces of fabric, pattern side facing each other and sew.  I added a little ribbon tag for design as well as to hang.

Blanket size: 1 yard
Mini square travel size: 1/2 yard (makes 3 blankets)

Pin your fabric.  Tuck in the ribbon loop with loop facing in.

Leave a small section open at the end to turn your blanket inside out/outside in.  Then sew close the opening  (And here's a view of the ribbon tag on the inside).

You can even give the blanket an additional "finished" look by sewing a line all the way around the edges.  But I am plenty happy with the blankets how they are.  A super easy, very soft, and extremely quick but gratifying project!  Now for all the snuggling...