Clearing The Digital Clutter

One of my hopes for the New Year was to cut back on the digital clutter in my life.  Specifically I wanted to back up the photos on my phone but over the course of the month it became so much more.

So first I backed up all my photos.  It took me a good couple of weeks but I finally accomplished that goal.  From there I was left with screenshots of recipes, baby sleep tips, and whatever else I wanted to save and have as reference.  Instead of keeping them all on my phone I uploaded some of them to Pinterest and jotted down a few in my notebook.

I also put it on my calendar to back up my photos once a month so that I do not get so behind.  I am also trying to take less pictures in general and be more free to live in the moment.

I also am super behind on editing photos.  So when I have a moment to myself instead of tidying the house or something else that is never ending, I try to stop myself and sit down at the computer to edit.  Getting 10-20 minutes of time to edit is proving to be much more efficient than trying to carve out specific time for it.  This way I am slowing chipping away at it and walking away feeling much more productive than not getting to any of it at all.

Then after a conversation with a friend over the burdens of Facebook I went on an unfriending rampage and unfriended a bunch of people.  A blogging friend of mine recently shared that she cleans up her social media accounts based off of seasonal relationships and it encouraged me to do the same.

It freed me to not look at unfriending or unfollowing so personally.  Instead it helped me understand that some people are in my life for a season and that it is okay to move on when they are no longer regularly present.

I also went through groups I had joined (or people joined me in! so annoying!) and deleted them.

While physical clutter can get in the way of our livelihood at home, I am finding that digital clutter can be just as chaotic.  I hope to continue this type of digital cleansing on a more regular basis.

What about you?  Do you have any digital clutter in your life that could use some cleaning?