Kitchen Organization: Concealing Everyday Items

Lately I have been trying to conceal everyday items around the house with pretty vessels.  Today I wanted to share a few ways I am keeping myself organized in the kitchen while keeping the everyday space cute and clutter free.

We have been blessed with extra storage space in the kitchen of our current house which has allowed me to keep my Keurig pods and tea in drawers near my coffee station.  While in our last home I loved organizing all my hot drink essentials in a basket, it has been so nice to have everything so easily accessible.

I downsized our tea collection down to only my favorites.  I even purchased these small Harney and Sons Tea travel tins to hold mesh tea bags (that came in a larger tin that wouldn't fit in the drawer).

Nearby I use a large white container for sweetener and two small ones for my vitamins.

I found that I would forget to take my vitamins if they weren't sitting out.  So after getting tired of looking at boring vitamin bottles, I finally decided to conceal them in a prettier place!  Multi-vitamin and magnesium daily for me!

Across from the kitchen is our dining room where I have this wood shelf that holds mostly serving pieces.  I don't use some of these items very often so it serves mostly as display that doubles as storage. 

The shelf is right next to our dining table where our son's high chair sits at the end of the table.  I have hidden his baby plates and utensils close by.  The utensils are hiding in the blue and white jar.

And his dishes are stored in large serving bowls.  

With a little creativity and a bunch of pretty vessels, the everyday is no longer so boring.  By surrounding myself with lovely ways to use ordinary things, the day to day is just a little more brighter!

// I would love to know how you conceal boring everyday items!  Feel free to share!