Family Tree Record Book

Quite a few years ago I picked up this Family Tree Record Book in the discount section of Barnes and Noble.  I wanted to start some kind of family tree and this inexpensive book was just too easy (versus all the elaborate DIY ideas that were tempting all my time and energy!).  I pulled it out the other day to update with some new information about our son and other baby additions to our family the last two years and thought it would be fun to share.

I believe some things are worth heavy creative time and energy.  But there are some things that are better simply done than not done because I don't have the time to do it beautifully.  This is one of them.  To have all this family history documented in one place will surely be appreciated for years to come.

I sat down with each of our moms - my mom and mother in law - and we went in deep with the family history.  We were pulling out paperwork and birth certificates.  It was work but also a special time to go down memory lane with our moms over the history of our family's past.

The book lays everything out for you and there are some tips and reading material that I have yet to really look at.

I have everything filled out for the family we know about and I haven't even bothered to put in any pictures.  While that would be a fun element (especially the family that my husband and I never knew) I am completely content with the written information.  It is far more than I ever imagined coming up with and I am so grateful I took the time and effort.

To get an idea of some of the pages, I am sharing the pages about myself (for the sake of other's privacy!).  Even the information about myself will be something I know I will appreciate reading again in the future and something I hope my own children will enjoy reading about.

You can find my same book over on Amazon: Family Tree Record Book

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