Winter Maternity Photos: Baby #2

A few weeks ago we took our tripod out and tramped through the almost melted snow to capture a few maternity photos.  It had snowed earlier in the week but by that afternoon rain had washed away most of it.  We got these pictures taken just in time to have a little snow in the background without needing to be in our full on snow clothes!

Of course by the time I got the tripod set up, our son already had mud all over his pants, shirt, and shoes!  Luckily we were able to wipe most of it off and our clothes were all dark enough to withstand a little dirt.  But nothing like the joys of an active toddler to throw a few challenges in!

I was currently 32 weeks (a bit later than when we took maternity photos for our son).  It feels like a good time - the bump is huge but I am not completely out of it yet.  Luckily we got in plenty of good shots within fifteen minutes and were back in our cozy weekend clothes.

The next one below is my favorite.  If we had planned to send out a maternity photo Christmas card this would have been the one.  But I did not want to put so much pressure on myself so we waited until our cards were already all sent out before we got around to doing this shoot.  I will just have to frame this one instead!

We ended our mini photo shoot with a few pictures my husband took.  While I love our tripod, these close up ones are especially good and sweet.  Proof that a human behind the camera is still always a bit more magical.

Just a little over a month to go before our baby girl will be able to be in these family photos herself!  The longest shortest nine months of my life!

Photo details:
We use this heavy duty tripod and love it.  Still shooting on our Nikon D600.  Photos taken in our backyard!

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