Big News - Baby #2

Friends, it is with great joy that I get to share some exciting news with you all today!  We are expecting baby number two!

If you have been reading the past few months, you will know that we have had to patiently wait for this little one's conception (much like we did with our first).  Oddly enough, just like the first time, we were able to get pregnant a month after I shared about it here on the blog - totaling eight months of trying to conceive (it is crazy how things work the way that they do).

The journey to today was a bit harder than before.  Going through each month of trying and waiting with the energy drain of a toddler has been taxing on me personally as well as our marriage.  My heart goes out to those women who continue to try for years on end.  Putting so much pressure on such an intimate part of a relationship can be so difficult. 

But I have learned so much in the last few months leading up to this pregnancy that I will forever be grateful for.  God truly has perfect timing and now that we are on the other side of things, I see that I needed that time of waiting.

Baby #2 is due February 8th and I am 13 weeks along.  The morning sickness has been excruciating this time around.  I think my greatest low was when we had to pull over on the side of the highway so that I could throw up!  Good times.  And seriously, being pregnant with a toddler is no joke.  Thank goodness for television.  I can already see my first time mom up-tightness slowing fading away! ;)

The night we found out, we woke up our son to take a photo.  He had already been asleep for a few hours and the poor guy was so confused.  Thankfully he is a good sleeper and went straight back to bed!

But my heart's desire is to be truly thankful for what I have and not always focused on what I don't have.  This journey has helped remind me to appreciate a wonderful husband and sweet healthy boy.  And that the three of us would most definitely be more than enough for me.  But seeing that positive pregnancy test did bring tears to eyes.  We get to give our son the gift of a sibling. 

Thank you for your friendship, encouragement, prayer, and support through this season.  Moving across the country with a baby has been a whirlwind to say the least.  While I can happily say I have started feeling like I am finding my place here, adding in a new pregnancy and new baby has brought along a lot of fears and homesickness for wanting to be back home in California.

When things are good, this self-motivated introvert has learned to self sustain.  But being sick and feeling alone has reminded me how quickly things can spiral downward.  It feels a bit like starting over again and I would be lying to not admit that I am genuinely sad and fearful to go through it all again.  I know that I am so much stronger and have created new habits here that will help me get up on my feet more quickly this time around.  But my renewed sense of self felt so short lived.  I just keep trying to remind myself that I can and will find that place again.

I have so much more I hope to share of what I have learned these past few months as well as what we have been up to around the house.  I am just starting to feel better enough that I can choose sitting at my desk over laying on the couch come nap time!  So I hope to have more posts up in the coming weeks.

Thank you for sharing in our joy today.  You truly are the best community a girl could ask for and it is with great excitement that I get to share this all with you today.  Thank you friends.