We're Having A Baby!

Friends, I am so excited to officially announce today that we are having a baby!!!  I am 13 weeks along and our little one is due July 11, 2016!

Usually as an open book, it has been so hard to keep this a secret.  This past holiday season has literally been one of going through the motions as I fought through constant nausea while trying to uphold my normal holiday, family, and blogging responsibilities while keeping the pregnancy a secret.

But the day is finally here that all can know!  And thankfully my first trimester morning sickness is starting to slowly disappear! Yay!!!  I feel like a normal human being again!

I did not realize how crazy being pregnant would feel (and I am sure the crazy has yet to even come!).  The nausea, seeing that little baby on the ultrasound for the first time, and having a living human being growing inside of me is nuts!  The cravings and the weird food aversions - talk about a lesson in letting go of control!  This mom to be misses some routine in life but I suppose it is just the beginning of life as a parent! 

We have had two appointments so far where we have been able to see the baby and hear it's heartbeat.  We look forward to each appointment as we get to see the baby grow and it helps us wrap our head around reality.  All seems to be going well so far and we will continue to pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

For those who are curious (I always am!), it took us seven months to get pregnant (with about six months of talking ourselves into actually trying!).  While it wasn't a terribly long wait, it was just long enough to test my patience.  I shared on the blog about trying and what I was learning at the moment, and literally the next month we found out we were expecting.

It was a kind reminder to continue to share what I am going through, even when it feels uncomfortable.  Our seven months of trying was such a bonding time between my husband and I.  While it would have been nice to get pregnant right away, I am grateful for the time where I continued to learn to let go of control and embrace the season of just the two of us and how special that time has been.

Speaking of our marriage, Brent has been so sweet during this time.  I couldn't ask for a better man to do life alongside of me.  I am so thankful for the six years of marriage we have supporting this new addition.  We are so ready to make our family a party of three. 

In other news, we are heading to the east coast this month to look into a job opportunity for my husband (within his current company).  I shared about this sometime last year.  It is a bit ironic that we finally got word on this only a few weeks after we found out we were pregnant.  And if he does end up taking the job, chances are we would move this spring, just months before having our baby.

The idea of such a big move comes with a lot of hope and adventure while also a lot of heartache of leaving our family, support network, and home.  But, as with anything in life, we are waiting and trusting that whatever is meant to be will all pan out.  We are at such a turning point in our lives, anticipating our first child along with the possibility of uprooting our lives with such a big move.

The future is far from clear at this point, but we wait in anticipation for the adventure that this year will bring to our family.  I know at times it will be hard and scary, but I believe the joys it will bring in bonding our family will outweigh the unknown.

Moms, if you have any advice, now is the time to give it!  I am an open book and am grateful for the wisdom and friendship of this community during this new season of life!  I am so thankful to share this journey with you all.