Felt Name Flags

Do you still like to read magazines and catalogs? I sure do. Something about being able to hold the paper in my hand (instead of a screen) that promotes a greater sense of relaxation and inspiration. Some of my favorites are the kids catalogs we get - Pottery Barn Kids and Crate & Kids.

I still occasionally tear a page out and save it in a binder. While browsing one of the children's catalogs the other day I stumbled on this sweet photo of kids holding name flags. I believe the ones in the photo are made from paper but I decided to make a felt version so that they would last a little longer. Which has proven to be a good choice because my son loves carting his flag around the house in a very enthusiastic three year old manner!

We headed to the craft store to get a few supplies - different colored pieces of felt and a wooden dowel.

I cut out all the pieces on paper first and then used it to trace and cut out the felt. I then pinned the letters on where I wanted them and followed it up with hot glue.

I thought they would be super cute in each of the kid's rooms but honestly they get played with so much they have become more of a toy than decoration! And I am totally okay with that!

Even baby girl likes to get her chew on with these name flags!

This project turned out to be super simple and sweet. One of my favorite types of DIYs! And a reminder to find inspiration anywhere!