The End Of Summer

Summer has been good to us. Even after three years I may still despise the humidity and bugs we get in the woods of Central Virginia. But it has been a summer of much growth as well as a lot of quality time with my babies.

Over seven months in with our baby girl and I continue to feel like I am being constantly stretched and challenged in this transition to two kids. While so many of her babyisms are like her brother, it is not so much that things feel new but that having two little humans to care for keeps me spinning all day long.

But what a joy she is. So I keep at it day after day.

As we head into fall with much joy and anticipation over the change in weather and preparation for the holidays, I give summer a small nod. A thank you for the lessons it has brought and how it will continue to shape us as we close out this year.

*Baby girl is wearing my swimsuit from when I was a baby! What a delight to see her wearing it. My little love bug!

*Pool from Target by Minnidip