Daily Rituals

My daily routine has started to find a good flow which means I am getting in more self care. By doing the same simple habits most days, I'm finding a lot of peace in the familiarity during a chaotic season of life. Some days can still feel like a blur but taking care of myself a little each day is giving me the stamina to get through it.

Some daily rituals I'm loving right now are:

+ Getting dressed after the early morning feeding with the baby before the big kids get up. Throwing on a few pieces of jewelry makes me feel extra great.

+ Adding oils to the diffuser in the morning that can then run the rest of the day.

+ Filling up my two water bottles so that water is easily always in reach.

+ Preschool activities with my 4 year old while sister sleeps and baby feeds. It's usually a simple workbook or reading stories together. Giving him one on one attention and a learning activity is a multitasking victory!

+ Making myself tea with oat milk froth and vanilla Torani syrup. It feels like a coffee shop luxury.