Advice For When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed As A Mom


I recently read a piece from one of my favorite bloggers to follow - Advice For When You are Feeling Overwhelmed As A Mom. The article is written for moms of multiples, but I could have seen myself gleaning from this advice even with one child. I think now that I have three, the advice is sticking a little better! ;) Let's just say I am a little more desperate now for simplifying my life!

I just continue to hear from others as well as feel myself that moms of little ones are barely hanging on at times. I think we have really complicated things and I also think there is a real danger in how much we consume online which leads to unhealthy comparison. 

I hope some of you may find this article helpful. I printed it out and put it in my planner so that I can easily re-read it when I need to. I also highlighted key points I wanted to apply and wrote them on a piece of paper to put up on the refrigerator. 

It includes:

+ Buy frozen foods and make the same easy meals all the time

+ Parents come first

+ Put away half the house

+ Connect with older child in a meaningful way

+ Write out what makes you feel good

+ For birthdays - a cake and a few gifts are enough

+ Watch your negative thoughts

+ You are enough

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