Halloween 2020: Pandemic Trick-Or-Treating Ideas

As the weather begins to turn here, we are all getting very excited for Halloween. Last year I took a bunch of photos from our pandemic Halloween trick or treating with intentions to share. But time quickly passed and I never got around to it. I thought, surely things would be so much better this Halloween and no one will be interested in social distancing trick or treating a year later. Yet here we still are. So I thought it would be fun to share the wonderful and creative efforts that were put on in our neighborhood to provide a safe and memorable experience for the kids.

An easy way to hand out candy is to simply put a bowl out! Finding which houses had candy and which houses didn't was all part of the fun of the hunt for our kids.

A few people had candy spread out on tables so you didn't even have to put your hand in a bowl. And then they got creative with the displays!

Our favorite was this creative idea where they strung a line with candy clipped on by clothes pins.

And then when we got home we did lay out all our candy and sprayed it with Thieves cleaner to disinfect just in case! ;) Look at all those full size candy bars! People were very generous. It will definitely be a year to remember.

I know there are a lot of differing opinions on the pandemic. And surely just like you, we have many friends and family all over the spectrum. My hope in sharing this is to inspire some ideas for those wanting to make a memorable experience for kids this Halloween while being considerate of keeping people healthy. We went to a few doors where people still answered their door and gave out candy. They were masked and very excited to see trick or treaters at the door. 

It meant a lot to us to be able to go out and take our kids trick or treating. The efforts put on in our neighborhood was truly touching. As a family who was new to the area without many friends, being able to get out and do something for Halloween was very special. We are looking forward to another fun year!