Little Ways To Cultivate Happiness At Home


Sally Clarkson says to create little habits in order to cultivate happiness at home. One of her suggestions included having an afternoon teatime. I had no problem obliging. I got out my one fancy tea cup and saucer that my husband and I picked up in Victoria, BC before we had kids. It brought back a flood of happy memories.

Some other mood boosters to consider:

+ Lighting a candle (even battery powered ones count in my book! ours come on at naptime right as I settle in for a quiet hour of alone time. it is blissful ambiance!)

+ Put on music (we have been listening to "spa suite music" on pandora which, for us, is a mix of classical music and The Piano Guys. my oldest wasn't a huge fan at first. but after a month or so of consistently listening to it he now requests I put on our "calm music"!) 

+ Kiss your husband in front of your children. Sally says it makes them feel happy and secure. :) Not bad for your marriage either!

+ Fresh flowers around the house. Picked from the yard or even your local grocery store. Here are my suggestions on that. I even changed my phone screensaver to a photo of flowers on my mantel. It feels very chic and happy.

+ Pretty journals to encourage you to write in (I love the rifle paper co. ones)

+ Pretty notepads for making lists


// What helps you cultivate happiness at home?