The Flintstones Are Back! // Family Of Five Halloween Costume

Happy almost Halloween! We brought back our beloved Flintstones family costume as we added another little human to our bunch this year.

You can see where it all started with our original Fred and Wilma costume. We then added Bamm Bamm. Then Pebbles. And now our oldest graduated up to Barney. I originally wanted to try a Dino costume but making one seemed a little too advanced for my sewing skills and I couldn't find a store bought one that I liked. So Barney it is instead! 

It ended up being rainy the day we tried to take pictures so we grabbed a few on the porch. Getting three little ones to smile and cooperate is a hilarious challenge. But thankfully we did alright!

Some outtakes! haha...

My sweet babies! Holding their baby brother!

The rain cleared a little later so we put our costumes back on and ran outside for a quick photo. But as to be expected, all the good cooperative energy was given to our first set of photos! Lesson learned as a parent!

All the costumes are made out of felt. I sew the two large pieces together and then hot glue on the details. I had to update most of our costumes this year for growing kids and just wear over the years. But I was able to whip them up in a few hours while my kids watched a movie! 

It always feels like a lot in the moment but I am grateful to just make it happen and have these special photos to look back on. Our in between years (no new child) are more low key when it comes to costume making.

A few photos of our newest Bamm Bamm! I sure do love that cheesing grin!