Nascar Racecar Themed Birthday Party

My sweet first born turned six this summer and I cannot even believe it. He starts kindergarten this fall and is just growing up so quickly! 

His new request is that I make some kind of cardboard vehicle for every birthday and it is the sweetest. Of all the traditions to continue, this one fills my heart. He loves to make things and dream up ideas, a bit like his mama. So to be able to create something for his birthday is so special for us both.

He wanted his birthday party to be race car themed which lead to the cardboard race car and a Nascar Chase Elliot costume I found online. He wanted the car and other decorations to match the racing costume so a blue and yellow theme continued.

Brent helped with some of the details at night while we watched TV and I worked on the car. He gave some "constructive criticism" about how the lights needed to look and how the wheels needed to come down below the car. ;)

The morning of his party he comes down from his room to see the living room decorated. He was very excited!

We had donuts for the morning and then a lunch that he picked out (chicken nuggets, curly fries, and watermelon!). I printed out checkered stripes that I found online and cut them to make flags.

He also helped me pick out some race car clip art pictures online that we cut out to make a banner.

The big checkered flag pennant hanging on the window I ordered online. It was very long and I ended up just cutting off a small section to use. But I love the big impact it added. For the six sign I painted and cut it out of a piece of poster board.

He really wanted me to use streamers to decorate with so I took to Pinterest to find ways to use them that fit my aesthetic. Of course of all the things I used, he noticed and commented on the streamers! Thank goodness I listened because they were very important!

My crazy happy little family!

He will also be wearing his new race car costume for Halloween. A double win!

He is just too much. My heart leaps at the sweet big kid he is becoming. What a joy to bring such happiness on his birthday.