Flower Garden Themed Birthday Party

Our daughter recently turned five and for her birthday we celebrated with a flower garden theme. I offered her a few different party theme options but our flower loving girl wanted a garden party! It was so fun to put this party together for her.

I focused on creating some large scale tissue paper flowers as the main decor and sprinkled other flower details around. The tissue paper flowers were quite gratifying to make, seeing them come together as I played around with them. You can find the tutorial to make them here.

I found some simple flower crowns that we hung on each chair for decoration and to wear. She really loved having them to dress up with.

I made tissue paper flowers to decorate the cake. I also share how I made these in the large tissue paper flower tutorial. I love the big impact on a simple cake.

The kids love coming downstairs to the party and finding birthday donuts.

For the table I used these mixed flower plates, daisy plates, and floral napkins.

Her birthday was in February so we still had our Valentine's decorations up. I usually take them down for the party but I thought it looked cute with the flowers. Also I'm trying to be less of a crazy perfectionist!

The party was all set for our sweet five year old!

The balloons are always an easy hit. We usually do a bunch of balloons on the floor for the party and then I blow up some helium ones for their actual birthday just to give some variety.

It was so sweet to see her take it all in. She loves flowers just like her mama!

Our little flower girl was happy to twirl for some photos and show off her flower crown.

She asked for flowers and flower seeds for her birthday! I was very happy to oblige. She of course got other gifts too but I loved her simple birthday wish.

Can you tell she loved the flower crowns?!

It was a beautiful little garden party for my sweet flower loving girl.