The Best Ham And Cheese Croissant Sandwich

A friend of mine made these croissant sandwiches for a casual but special lunch at her house. These ham and cheese croissant sandwiches were incredibly delicious. Plus they seemed way too simple. They are perfect for a lunch at home or a more formal event like a special brunch or shower.

It reminded me a lot of the sandwiches we ate in Paris, Jambon Beurre - ham, cheese, and butter on a baguette. Such simple ingredients but somehow so good. I think the key here is delicious bread.

I asked her for the recipe and it has four simple ingredients. We ended up making these for my daughter's first birthday party and we have been gobbling them up ever since.

They last for a couple of days in the fridge so I love that I can make them ahead of time. We made large croissants for the birthday but the mini ones I think are just a little better. Something about tiny sandwiches that are just so fun!

And for little ones who aren't as interested in the sandwiches, a side of croissants and cheese by itself made for a yummy lunch for everyone!

Ham and Cheese Croissant Sandwiches

+ Croissant

+ Mayonnaise

+ Deli Ham (any kind is fine)

+ Sliced Cheese (I like colby or monterey jack)

Lightly dress croissants with mayonnaise. Top with ham and cheese.

For full size croissants, I used two pieces of ham and one slice of cheese (split in half to cover the length of the croissant). 

For mini croissants, I used one slice of ham and half a slice of cheese.