31 Days of Creative Homemaking: The Ebook

31 Days of Creative Homemaking: The Ebook

What if you could love your home a little more, meet your family's needs a little bit better, and slow down just enough to really enjoy your life?  And you could have all this for much cheaper than hiring a house cleaner?

All it takes are a few small changes--getting things a little more organized, focusing your heart on what you truly want for your home, and cutting down on housework time to spend it with the people who live in your home instead.

31 Days of Creative Homemaking: The Ebook

In 31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman, I take you, one day at a time, through the process of creating a home life that you can love.

When I originally wrote the series on my blog, little did I know how much it would change me as well as women all over the world to refocus their heart on the home for the sake of their family as well as their sanity!  Over a year later I was still getting emails of testimonies from women saying how this series has helped them to rebuild their heart for the home.

This ebook is a collection of all the posts from the series and has been compiled into an easy to ready book, so that you, too, can be inspired and reminded of your passion for the home.

Don't think you are a homemaker?  Well, I believe we are all homemakers when we take the role of caring for our home seriously.  This ebook is written for ALL women.  Working single ladies AND stay at home moms!  If you have a place you call home and you want to better enrich it, then this ebook is for you!

Some of the chapters include:

  • Focusing on the Heart's of the Home
  • Slow Cooker Secrets
  • Getting Cleaning Done
  • Letting Your Home Tell Your Story
  • Sharing Household Duties
  • Balancing Our Budget
  • Tips on Throwing a Party
  • Creating Family Traditions

And so much more!

When you purchase this ebook you will receive a pdf download of this 97 page (!!!) book full of inspiration, tips, and photos to encourage the inner homemaker within.  This book includes all posts from my series, reworded for a book format.

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Praise for 31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman:
Ashley is quite the DIY gal, offerings tips and tricks for creative ways to make your house a home.  You'll lover her style, her voice, the tips, projects and the beautiful pictures.  We all love simple and fun ways to spice up our home, and Ashley gives you a number of ways to do just that.
-Michaela Warner, Michaela Noelle Designs
This ebook is so much more than platitudes and pretty pictures. Ashley challenges me to look at the way I define homemaking and to refocus my heart for the home.

As Ashley says, homemaking is more than dusting or laundry or getting dinner on the table by six. It's a "creative process" and you don't have to be a stay-at-home mom to be a homemaker! Single or married, working in the home or out, homemaking is what "sets the tone for your home."

31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman covers meals, entertaining, housekeeping tips, organization, taking the busyness of life down a notch, and balance. As it goes day by day, it would make an excellent addition to your morning devotions or quiet time!

If you, like me, have been feeling overwhelmed lately with the "Pinterest life" and reconciling all that to what real life looks like (hint: it can be messy), this ebook is for you. 
-Amanda Thomasson, Serenity Now
The 98 page ebook topics range from menu planning, home decor, party planning and so much more. Ashley’s written voice speaks volumes, especially when describing her views on homemaking: “Whether you have a more modern or traditional view of your role in the home, I think we can all agree that we want a place that feels like our own, that shows love to those who live there or visit it, and to take pride and find joy in.  At the end of a long day, you deserve a refuge from the world and so does your family. “ 

My personal favorite section of the ebook is the party planning.   Ashley’s ability to plan simple, beautiful parties has always appealed to me and how could it not?  

Ashley’s ebook is a compilation of all the beautiful things she does.  I couldn’t wait to share this ebook with all my readers because its a very modern and a beautifully explained portrayal of what it’s like to make house a home for today’s woman.  And the gorgeous photos of her home? Don’t even get me started on those.
-Evani, Simply Evani
I have to say  really enjoyed 31 days of Creative Homemaking.  I thought it was such a different take on how to live your life and enjoy your life.  It wasn’t so much a how-to guide because to be honest I’m not very good at following those but it was filled with helpful and practical advice on creating a more orderly and simplified life that could bring you more joy.   It really got me in the mood to start thinking how I could
simplify and improve my own life.
I consider myself a feminist, and I tend to bristle when I hear the terms homemaking or housewife. To me, they conjure up images of 1950s women who were expected to cook, clean, look pretty, and not much else.

But Ashley states that even if your job is someplace outside of your house, you can still call yourself a homemaker. She writes, “I believe that we all are homemakers in one way or another in the sense that we make our house a home.”

When they assert themselves as breadwinners and independent women, some modern ladies forget to take pride in their personal space. I love this line from the introduction to the book: “It is in making your home life a priority that I believe will lead to much peace, happiness, and contentment in your life. Lets take back our homes together.”

Really, Ashley’s book is a call to action, not a throwback to the past.
-Sage Grayson, Sweet and Sage 
Ashley is an amazing blogger; passionate about her quest to put her heart into her home and sharing how she does it for the modern woman.  Her book provides an easy step by step guide of how to make your home tell a story, keep it organized to entertain small and large groups, and budget meals to prepare that are easy and tasty!  The layout is clean and simple... and you will seriously never get tired of looking at her beautiful home!

-Tiffany, Living Savvy

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