Meet Domestic Fashionista

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Hi, I am Ashley, the Domestic Fashionista.  I started Domestic Fashionista in August of 2008 and have been addicted to blogging, spray paint, and thrifting ever since.  I have always been a frugal girl who grew up in a creative environment, but it was not until I found the world of blogging that I let my creative passions truly soar. 
I used to think domestic things were only for married women and that crafting was only respected amongst white haired church ladies.  I learned that my passions for the home and for creating was a huge piece of who I am as a woman and that as I embraced it for myself, it was also accepted and encouraged by others.
On a tight budget and with a free-spirited crafting attitude, Domestic Fashionista is a place where I share my projects, obsessions, mistakes, shortcuts, and cheap…I mean frugal…ways.
Thanks for joining me as I get by doing the things I love!
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