Home Decor Renovation

Brent just bought a house (soooo exciting!) and I have been helping him almost everyday with painting, cleaning, and all that fun new house excitement. We found some great free furniture that I am renovating. They look awesome. I haven't taken many pictures yet but here is a stool I recently finished.
Before:I covered the existing pad like you would covering a fabric button. I covered the fabric pad with fabric and then placed the cushion to keep the fabric in place. Then I used the staple gun to keep it in place on the stool. I also spray painted the stool teal. Ta-da!

I have also been working on some sewing projects here and there. One of my good friends loved these flower hair pins I have made and asked that I would make her a few.

They look pretty big in the picture but look sooo sooo cute when she wears them with her hair down. They are also great to pin onto a sweater or hand bag. I am still starting out with some of these projects but am hoping to start selling some of this stuff in the future. My friend was telling me that she recently was in San Francisco and saw that a lot of high end stores were selling similar flower pins. For now, it is fun to have some hand crafted accessories.