Frames galore!

Well, just in case you haven't gotten enough of my lovely shabby chic frames, I have some more! These pictures are taken in the bathroom so it is a little hard to see as the bathroom is on the smaller side. I got this idea from a friend of mine and I think it is awesome! I just hung a frame over the bathroom mirror and it really adds a great decorative element especially on plane mirrors that do not already have any sort of frame. I wrapped a little polka dot ribbon around it to hang it from and you instantly have a framed piece of art--you looking in the mirror! Brent was commenting though that the frame was a little low because I set it at my height! Oops..shorty! Oh well, I will appreciate it the most so it will have to do!
I also have a cute little bathroom sign hanging opposite the mirror so coming down the hallway you see its reflection. I've always read that whenever you hang a mirror it should reflect something pretty.
Here are some other little finds that I have recently painted. It is actually plastic but I love how the white paint makes it look like metal.
I am running out of painting projects...well actually I have a large hutch that has been a work in progress the past couple of weeks. But I was just thinking how I don't know what I am going to blog about when I run out of painting projects! lol. I'm losing my zing for painting! That's okay, I have been taking a break the past week and will hopefully get back to it soon. :)