Computer Down :(

I am having some lame-o computer problems with some obnoxious anitvirus program...I will be back soon...I have all my V-day pictures taken and ready to post...I have been wanting to post them for days!!! I will admit though that because I have not been able to blog I did get a little craft done that I have been waiting to have time to work on. I also have been missing out on leaving clever and thoughtful comments for you all...I get a sneak peek of your post and then the the dang thing closes up on me...I will have lots of catching up to do! Check back soon and I will hopefully be back up and running. Bear with me!!! xoxo


  1. Seriously...I was beginning to worry that you'd been abducted by aliens in need of a fashionable planetary domestic makeover...

    Glad you're okay!!! Can't wait to see pictures and CRAFTS :)

  2. BTDT-just last month. Thanks to McAfee, I didn't get all my Christmas baking done since I spent hours-DAYS on the phone with tech support, just because I chose to renew my subscription online rather than buy a CD to load. Never again......

    Looking forward to seeing your new pics!

  3. new to your blog, I had to leave a comment. I love all your Target items. Too cute. I'll be making a trip to Target. LOL


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