More Valentine Eye Candy!

Have you seen my new Etsy shop and entered the giveaway??? You can find details and enter can win an item from my Etsy shop...your choice!I added a few more things to my V-day decor...after seeing a few birds here and there...I think I have a new infatuation...especially the painted white pretty! My mom had these lying around at her flower shop and I immediately had to snatch them up! I love how the conversation hearts pop off the white dish. Who does not love conversation hearts? One of my favorite things about v-day..."call me hot stuff!" Another little birdy dish...not sure what to put in it yet...

I added a little garland of roses to these potted twigs...I think it adds a touch of romance and whimsy.
I posted these in my other vday post but I recently was at Michael's and saw they were selling them this year...$1 a piece...oven and dishwasher safe! I know you have some amazing little recipe you can cook in there for sweet little individual vday treats!
I added some sweet little butterflies to some trees to add more color...aren't they just the cutest?

Fun additions to my little white vday tree!

Some little etsy know I must have one of everything for myself! I love how the pink hearts look so sweet against the red hot pad...hanging from the infamous ikea towel bars...
You can get your own here.
They come in red too! Hung it on the door of my hutch.

I have been dreaming of these banners since October! I finally made one and LOVE it! I tried to make it appropriate for vday but pastel enough to leave up through Easter. I made some similar ones for my shop. The frayed edges make it feel so vintage and it's been hanging in some domestic diva's home for years! ;)

LOL! Can you see the white Christmas tree in the window reflection? I bought ANOTHER in addition to a white tree I bought like a month was 90% off and was chubbier than my last I had to buy it...It's insane, I know...I'm you think one could live outside??? It rains a lot during the winter but I have an overhang...
This little dessert fabric is my fav! I only bought a little bit...for an apron and am trying to use it sparingly because it was a little over what I like to spend on fabric...but so perfect for vday!

And remember this sweet apron you all are loving so much??? Well...she became a set!
Complete with two hot pads, oven mitt, and towel...everything you will ever need again in your kitchen...and plus it is sooo cute!!! :)

Now I only have one...and these babies took me go hop over and grab it before someone else does!