Paper Crafts and Another Kissing Ball!

I will have to admit I do not think I am very good at paper crafting. What appears to me as something that should take 5 minutes...ends up turning into 30 minutes. I think eventually I get it right for the most part but it sure takes a lot of work. Impatient? Yes. Perfectionist? Slightly. I think I am understanding why my passion for scrapbooking has died down...paper crafting is not my expertise and seeing how quickly I can do other crafty things just makes the whole paper thing not worth it. The whole sticker and tape thing...I am going to change my mind at least 70 times...and eventually that paper rips after peeling off tiny stickers... Some of you really have a knack for these things...not me. For this, I am jealous. I will stick to what I know...spray paint! ;)
Anyways, I saw so many of these fun paper covered hearts in bloggy land that I thought I would make a few attempts. The big heart was purchased at the Dollar Tree for a chalk board but then I found a heart I liked better...and the smaller heart is the backing to the I Love You frame in my previous post (from Dollar Tree) that I took out of the heart frame. I was proud of using up some recycled resources! :)
After much agonizing...I think they turned out not so bad. ;) The little one will make a sweet addition to my vday tree. I was very pleased to see how giddy so many of you were about my ginormous huge dinosaur of a thing kissing I decided to make a slightly smaller, more proportioned one. I think it is perfect and will be hanging in a doorway for some potential vday kisses. xoxo ;)
I got a screaming deal on the roses...because well, roses are EXPENSIVE...especially when you have to use a thousand of them for this craft. So I thought I would make an extra one for one of you! So this screaming deal on the roses are getting you, my friends, a screaming deal on a kissy head over to my Etsy shop if you would like to purchase little miss gorgeous!
Speaking of my Etsy more day to enter the giveaway! I will be picking the winner on Thursday! Make sure you comment me letting me know what you have done for multiple entries! Click here for details. Good luck! :)