Going Green

Saint Patrick's Day...a time to food color your food green and pinch anyone you come in contact with not bearing the required green outfit for the day. The holiday has grown on me over the years as I have found new and fun ways to celebrate it besides going out to the local pub. I personally find it hard to find cute decor as many of it is kind of tacky...but over time I have gotten a fun little collection. My decor is few but it meshes well with Easter so I start decorating both shortly after Valentine's day. The feeling of pastely colors in preparation for spring makes me smile.
Simple plates for the hutch add pops of green...
For a girl who rarely drinks tea, I have quite a fetish for tea pots...they are just so darn pretty! I will serve hot chocolate and lemonade in them or throw a small bouquet of flowers to make for a sweet centerpiece.
I love how simple this tea pot is with just a little hint of green. It is not overpowering and it keeps things elegant.
For the kitchen...
A garland I made this year...it may look familiar...I am selling ornaments like these here.
I am in love with how this came out and was going to make more to sell...but I would have to charge an arm and a leg for how stinking long it took to make...So if you have an arm and a leg to offer, let me know, otherwise you will just have to enjoy it here!
Do you decorate for this holiday or do you skip right to Easter?