Love is in the Air

A little late...but still delicious and full of love. Here is the amazingly fantastic ice cream cake I made for Brent for Valentine's Day. If you read here regularly, you will notice this is sort of a staple. It has become pretty easy and is just so darn extravagant, everyone freaks out! And really, isn't that the point? Easy and beautiful, ummm, yes please! So if you, too, would like to dazzle with this scrumptious piece of heaven, the full recipe can be found here and another version here.
Devil's food cake batter with additional chocolate chips (I'm following my own advice!).
Black cherry ice cream. Beneath the ice cream is a layer of chocolate/vanilla cookies (you know, those generic brand oreo type things) and Hershey's chocolate sauce.
Leaning tower of deliciousness!

Some chocolate dipped cherries on top of the cool whip...the cake should be in a heart shape but I think it's height to width ratio got a little crazy. Then I added more chocolate sauce drizzled all over as seen in the first picture (yes, drizzling choc. sauce everywhere--including the counter--makes everything seem fancier).

I also received some love in the mail this week (I am sure you are tired of my headless photo shots...last one for awhile, I promise!)...Sandra from In This Small House sent me this adorable scarf for my new job. How sweet is she! And you know I love me some black and white! I was overwhelmed by such a kind gesture and could not believe someone would simply send me a gift out of the goodness of their heart...I am touched at the sincerity of friendship here in bloggy land. Thanks Sandra!

P.S. So I was super excited today to see I had 100 followers...really, you really love me??? I was ecstatic! Then a few hours later, I logged in again and was back to 99! How sad is that! Well I will take a bite of humility and remember that six months ago I had two anyways, who wants to top off ol' 100??? Any takers? ;) Well, 99 or 100, I love all 99 of you! Each time one of you joins the domestic madness, I am reminded how much I love blogging!

P.S.S. And to relate back to this, yeah...what is your dessert staple? What are you known for? What is so easy that you can throw it down in a heartbeat? Share your secrets!!!! xoxo


  1. Boy oh boy does that look fabulous! Thanks for sharing that recipe! Your hubby is pampered!!!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. My family loves ice-cream cake. All the extra chocolate they'll be in heaven. I'm not an icecream fan, but this is something I can really "sink my teeth into." Thanks for sharing!
    You look cute in that snazzy scarf. HAHA
    Have a good day.

  3. That looks SOOOO yummy!

    (Can you believe my hubby doesn't eat chocolate? *gasp*)

  4. CAUTE scarf! And GORGEOUS dessert! I'm thinking one of my staple desserts are my peanut butter cookies. Everyone tells me they are grand...

  5. Oh yummy!!! I can see why it is always a big hit!

  6. Mouth waterings.
    At work w/ no chance at getting ice cream cake.
    Life is so not fair.

  7. Wow that cake is TALL! It looks delicious though. Love that scarf too. Yea, no more headless shots. Let's see the full head for awhile. ;)

  8. that looks delicious. i've never tried an ice cream cake but it is on my list now!

    i need to get dressed and head out to target, walmart, and michaels to see what's on sale from their vday stuff.

    don't worry about the followers. 100 or 99, still awesome!

  9. that looks sooooo yummy!! stopping by from sits

  10. I love the ice cream cake! Yum! Don't worry, they'll come back!

  11. That cake looks delicious!

    Have a great Monday ☺

  12. Your cake looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I see you're at 101. Rock on sister friend! :o) That scarf is just way too cute. And how sweet that she sent it to you.

  14. And by the way, Brent is one lucky man bc those ice cream cakes you make....ahhhhh....look sooooo good!!!!!!

  15. Go ahead and mail me a slice of cake.

  16. That cake really DOES look great! I am PMSing too! :)

    I enjoy following. I love your blog! But..........wait.........are you following me!? :) You should. I really appreciate all of your sweet comments all the time, and I'm enjoying making connections with you.


  17. That scarf is delectable.

  18. Oh my gosh, that looks so good! You are so creative!

    I am totally going to try the recipe next week for my soon-to-be 13-year-old stepson. He'll love it! Thanks for the idea!

  19. The scarf looks great. How is it made?
    Congrats on your following. That's super.

  20. I love the Easter stuff! Don't worry about the followers -- when people list you on their site, they may "un-follow" you, looking like you have less. But you probably have more links! BTW, I'm going to link to you on my site, so you'll have one less follower! It's a good thing! :)


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