Twitter Tweets and Lots of Kissing

Do you twitter??? I guess it's the next big thing since sliced I hear. Well I decided I didn't want to be too fashionably late for this one so I joined. It's like instant messaging or texting but with all your bloggy friends. So now we have another reason to take our blogging to a whole new obsessive level...yay! ;) Lol...well it's cool so far, except I have few friends so far. So if you would like to join me in the madness and find out everything I do every waking moment...well here is your chance! And if you do already twitter, let me know so we can tweet...I mean twitter together. On a much more craftier note, I just finished up a special order. Yes, I said special order...I know, I am ecstatic!

A different take on the ol' rose kissy ball...this one is made with some fabuloso lilies...ain't she a beaut? I am so in love with the netting!
You may notice some little bloggy changes here at little miss domestic fashionista...I have been clearing the clutter and trying to make everything a little more bare with me when things seem incomplete...I need to stop my after midnight bloggy fests. But then again if you are on twitter you can hear all about it! lol! Not sure if that is the kind of support I need right now! Oh know what I'm talking about. ;)