Easy Hair Clips

I just love all the frilly little flower clips that are back in style. I have a whole stock of them from high school and am happy to bring them back out for a second turn around. But with any fad, I always want something new...I found these scrapbooking flowers at Michael's this week...on sale. And I had these clips in hopes of creating some of my own flower embellishments. But of course, I have lacked the motivation to put anything together. So how about a little hot glue and some already premade flowers to motivate ya...

Glue and done...I feel so accomplished...

If you want to pin it on your shirt you can but the silver shows...whatev...I still think it looks cute. No one will really notice.

So cute in the hair.

Easy, cheap, and homemade...sounds good to me!

Do you have any quick and easy tricks to share?