Father’s Day Gift Wrapping…non-girly addition

CIMG0133If you are anything like me, your gift wrapping looks a lot like the photo below.  And if the men in your life are like any of the ones I know, they could care less about gift wrapping.  Yet that inner beautifier in me can’t help but want to bow up men’s presents.  CIMG0137This Father’s Day I found a fun but still pretty way to gift wrap my Father’s Day gift.  I took a picture from a Giant’s game we went to awhile ago, played around with it in Photoshop, and printed it out.  Added some pretty but not too feminine ribbon and you have a darling gift for dad.  I also used a clothes pin to attach the picture so he can keep the picture later.  Plus it looks cute.  CIMG0134 Besides, what dad wouldn’t love a picture of him and his little girl affixed to his gift?