labels and binders and organizing, oh my!

I love organizing just as much as I love to craft. So, of course, I want my organization to be pretty. I know you know what I am saying. I picked up these nifty little labels awhile back for a few bucks at Ross. It was one of those things where it was like, do I really NEED pretty labels? My impulsive and creative side screamed, YES, and I left with TWO boxes! Needless to say, it was a good lack of self-control purchase because I just love them and use them on everything!
Instead of expensive matching binders, I go for the cheap ones and dress them up with fun labels.
Having a binder of good ideas is almost just as fun as actually putting to use the ideas...
I make my own divider they are folded and stuck to my coupon organizing sheets (which are baseball card holders).
Made my own dividers with some card much cuter and way cheaper! And because I am in a generous mood, I would like to give some of these babies away! So comment if you would like to enter. The winner will walk away with 10 sheets of labels so that you too can be a fashionable organizer! I will announce the winner around Monday or something...
How do you make your organizing pretty?

Labels by Angela Adams