The Harvest is Plenty

CIMG8901A part of me feels like I missed out on fall this year because of the all the wedding busy-ness.  But in the midst of unpacking and organizing, I was able to put out some fun fall items I have collected over the years to warm up our new home.  CIMG8967  CIMG8902I embellished a berry wreath with a string of fake leaves and tied on a beaded monogrammed “U”.   CIMG8904 CIMG8905Haystacks out on the porch…leftovers from the wedding.  CIMG8906 CIMG8907White pumpkins galore also from our wedding.  CIMG8908 CIMG8912Black gingham bows add a festive touch and tie everything together (no pun intended!).  CIMG8916 CIMG8920 CIMG8925Dollar tree skulls nested among eggs.  CIMG8927 CIMG8928 CIMG8929 Filled a tray with some leaves and candles in coffee mugs to make my centerpiece have a boulder statement.  CIMG8932 CIMG8949 CIMG8953 CIMG8955We did not have any money in the budget this year for more fall decorations.  I was a bit disappointed at first but then realized how much fun I had with my old stuff and finding ways to make it feel fresh and new with simple touches like ribbon.  I am learning the harvest is plenty and I have much more than I could ever need.  CIMG8957We got a whole bunch of beautiful white serving dishes that now have a home on top of the kitchen covers.  I am in L-O-V-E.  Little pumpkins and leaves nestled in between make for a perfect fall-ish touch.  CIMG8961 CIMG8962 CIMG8963 CIMG8964CIMG8966I love all the crisp oranges and reds of fall.  It really warms up the house against all my white furniture.  I also love incorporating candles.  They add immediate warmth and a welcoming smell for all my fall guests.

How do you make your home feel warm for the fall?