Thoughts on the Closet

1 I saw Brent struggle to get a jacket out of the closet today.  It apparently is hard to reach back into the closet when you wife’s clothes take up three quarters of the thing.  So this morning I got rid of some clothes I have not been wearing.  I decided I will only have the amount of clothes that can fit into our closet.  A small gesture that reflects a bigger picture…respecting and sharing life with my husband…and having only what I need and/or have space for. 

Someone recently commented on wanting to know more about how I strive to live a simpler life.  When I read this, I thought, “Well, I sure would like to know this about myself too!”  But it got me thinking to these simple things, choices I make, to make life simpler, easier, and less cluttered.  As I am in this season of making a new home for myself and Brent, I hope to share more thoughts on striving for a simpler life.