My Non-Decorated-Decorated Stockings

CIMG9467I bought these white stockings last year at the Dollar Tree with great intentions of embellishing.  Two years later, still boring…and I believe they still have these stockings to sell this year.  CIMG9475So here we are celebrating our first Christmas stockingless…only left with these boring little things.  I needed something quick…easy…something that did not require sewing.  Because when you are sewing handmade Christmas gifts…sewing becomes sooooo overrated.     CIMG9469And remember, I am not buying anything this year… CIMG9470Took my go-to adhesive…clothes pins.  Shopped the tree and house for some ornaments and photos.  Done.  I have done my wife duties.  My husband and I have stockings for Santa…I mean me…to fill. CIMG9472And I did more with my little “love nest” fence.  It is amazing.  I will show you this week. CIMG9466  Do you make your own stocking or go store bought?