Busy Friends

The other night we made last minute plans to hang out with one of our other “couple” friends.  They were free, so I threw some dinner together, we played games, and it ended up being a really fun night.CIMG9996As the weeks go by, I realize the importance of having other married couples to hang out with.  I love that we have minimal commitments during this season of life but spending every single night just the two of us can be a little boring at times.  CIMG9984So what I have learned from all this is an appreciation for friends who are free.  We have many friends who have crazy schedules.  Trying to set up any time to get together, we must plan weeks ahead of time.  CIMG9975The problem is, this has become the norm.  People are busy.  And I do not want to be that busy person. 

Brent and I were very busy people before we got married.  But a year or so before we got married, life really slowed down.  We both let go of previous commitments.  And now being married, I am so thankful for this blessing.  To have time…to be with each other…to be with other people…to rest…to have hobbies.CIMG9982So as I strive to live a simpler life, I want to embrace what I have learned from these non-busy friends.  To be available.  To have food in the house for unexpected guests.  To have an open schedule to welcome people into our lives. 

Plus it is a good reason to eat off of my Valentine plates. :)CIMG9992Chocolate Avalanches

-Rice Krispies


-Peanut Butter

-Mini Marshmallows

Melt chocolate and peanut butter.  Stir in rice krispies and marshmallows.  Scoop into cupcake liners in cupcake pan. 

I don’t measure.  Just keep adding until it tastes good.  Cannot go wrong with too much of anything!  I especially love this with white chocolate or vanilla chips sprinkled with mini chocolate chips on top.  To. die. for.  CIMG9990I try to always have chocolate chips, some sort of cereal, marshmallows, brownie mix, and cake mix around the house for spur of the moment treats…and spur of the moment guests. 

How do you make yourself available to others?


  1. Such a great post, Ashley...I have been thinking about some of this recently when doing my grocery shopping - - choosing things to have on had so that I could throw together appetizers or a dessert at the last minute. We are trying to get better at being "available" and just socializing in general. I'm afraid that once children came, we used it as an excuse to not enjoy time with friends. I think we've done more socializing in the past 6 months than we have in 6 years!

  2. YUMMY treats!!!! Those really look delicous. Now I'm craving chocolate. hehe

    I have been thinking about becoming more available too. I have many friends and family that I'd like to spend more time with. I guess I just need to make the first move. Some people just need that little push, don't you think?

  3. Smart one!!! You are very, very wise to not only enjoy your time with your husband now, but also to make friends with other young couples.

    Having children is a wonderful, fabulous, amazing thing...but it also makes for very busy families. I LONG for another couple or two to hang out with, have dinner with, etc. Our friends from church, Sunday School, my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, etc. are all sooooo busy. Scheduling around everyone is very difficult.

    I envy you a little this morning. ;)

  4. I try to remember that all the other stuff from the "to do" list will be there at another time. I'm always willing to drop what I'm doing to sit on the floor and play or to go for a walk with a neighbor or to spend the evening eating pizza with good friends.

  5. Oh my gosh, the dessert looks sooooo yummy! I have to try it.
    You know what? I really miss the days when my husband and I were newlyweds and we had our "couple friends" over on the weekends. It was so fun to play games, eat, etc. Now that we all have kids, it's impossible to find the time. Enjoy those carefree times now! :)

  6. I know exactly what you mean...
    I'm so glad to know you've got to do some cute little thing with the those music sheets. Your Valentine's decor is looks great!! Best to you dear! Van

  7. I love that fact that you were a "domestic fashionista" even before you were married. Many don't think about those things unless they have to. Not that it's bad but, I think it's wonderful for a women to cultivate her homemaking skills no matter what stage of life...you are an inspiration! And those chocolate avalanches....omigosh. They look amazing! :)

  8. My "go to" entertaining recipe is that of refrigerated Crescent rolls with chocolate chips in the center, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yum!
    You're making great memories you will always cherish!

  9. You are such a smart gal! Enjoy every second you have with your husband before you start a family. Life gets sooo much busier after you have kids. Also, I think it is so important to have other "couple" friends.

    Of course, I love your V-Day table. It rocks!

  10. I wanna take you out for coffee and give you a big old hug! Great post. Even though we have kids, my hubs and I agreed that we need time to be social and hang out with friends and family. To slow down and make time; even if that means going to NYC for a day.


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