Post-Move In Home Tour

CIMG9789Remember a couple of months ago, we did the pre-move in home tour?  Well, things have finally settled down, Christmas decor is put away, and there was about one day that I waited until Valentine’s Day decorations went up.  Yep, V-day is up…I am obsessed…but we will discuss that in another post.CIMG9779So come on in and take a look around… CIMG9787CIMG9808 CIMG9809 CIMG9815 CIMG9816 CIMG9817 CIMG9818 CIMG9821 CIMG9823 CIMG9824And my favorite little corner of the house…my crafting space.  Pure bliss.  :) CIMG9828CIMG9827CIMG9834 CIMG9832CIMG9836And I have changed about one hundred things since these pictures were taken two days ago, trying to accommodate my four boxes of V-day.  Yes, four boxes.  So this is what my house looked like for a day.  You get the idea.