Learning to Let My Husband Love Me

CIMG0172 This Valentine’s Day Brent took me to Disney on Ice.  We had a wonderful time but besides the memories of our first married Valentine’s day, I learned a lesson on love that will last me many years to come. CIMG0179You could say I have high expectations.  You might have caught that in my holiday decorations.  It is all out or nothing.  And like any spoiled little girl, this means in gifts, and cards, and flowers.  It is all part of the grand celebration that I so lovingly look forward to.   CIMG0180Now Brent is very good to me and he is well aware of my excitement and expectations.  Yet somehow I find it in me to remind him…and remind him…and then remind him one more time.  Of course there is nothing wrong with a helpful wife’s reminders.  You have a dentist appointment.  So and so is coming over for dinner tomorrow.  Eat your vegetables.  You get the idea.   CIMG0197But despite my caring reminders (or constant nagging…) Brent best shows love on his own time.  Prompted by his own heart.  To surprise his beloved wife.  CIMG0247And though I seem to learn this lesson every holiday, birthday, and anniversary…setting high expectations and being overly demanding, I think this year I am going to let it set in.  To remember to be sensitive to my husband’s needs, his stress, his schedule, his way of showing love.  So that I can be less selfish, less nagging, more grateful, and more surprised.   CIMG0255Because thankfully real love is a daily task…though I do love the holidays. :)