Collector of Memories :: More Blurb Albums

CIMG0811I am a collector.        CIMG0813More specifically a collector of memories.  CIMG0818I recently read this quote in a Real Simple Magazine:   CIMG0815“Recently my wife and I returned from a biking trip abroad.  We had bought some stuff, mainly clothes, that you don’t find here.  It’s nice to tell ourselves those items will remind us of the trip, but they’re bound to go the way of all things cotton or wool.  What will live on are the moments, captured in memory or snapshots or both.  And that’s what I call money well spent.”  CIMG0820I received two more Blurb books in the mail this week (and have two more on it’s way).  An engagement photo session book and a wedding planning/preparation album.  I love being able to look back at every little detail.  CIMG0821I love all of our wedding gifts (and use many of them daily) but they may wear or break eventually.  It is the memories that I will hold on to…cherish…and look back on forever.  And so I continue to collect.  CIMG0822 What do you collect?