Fashionista Friday :: It’s Summer!

It is Fashionista Friday again and I am sharing some of my recent outfits along with some fashion and frugal tips.  This week I am sharing some of my summer staples—dresses and skirts!  And a lot of the items were found at outlet stores.  Whenever I am traveling, if I am in a reasonable distance from an outlet I really like, I will make an extra trip to check the place out and stock up!CIMG8878 Gray shirt: Ross clearance—the elastic waist gives my square figure a more defined waist.  Interested in dressing for your body type?  I love this book.

Shorts: Ross—my first day of shorts for the summer season.  Wasn’t quite sure I was ready to share my legs with the world so I balanced it out with a top with longer sleeves for a little more skin coverage.

Necklace: a combination of two hand me down necklaces to make one.  A good set of pliers will help in remaking your old jewelry.CIMG8926 Navy Dress: Marshall’s $12.99

Belt: Macy’s—reversible pink and black

Hoop Earrings: Flee Market

Sandals: American Eagle brand bought at TJ Maxx CIMG8936Brown dress: ??? it’s old

Stripped sweater: Marshall’s $7.99

Jeans: Macy’s on sale, straight leg, the only pair of jeans I own, around $30CIMG8945Purse: thrift store

Sandals: Rainbow, bought at outlet in San Clemente, CaliforniaCIMG8946Dress: Ross

Sweater: thrift store—love this one as it adds a little warmth but not too hot like regular sweaters.  A good in between weather sweater.

Head band: Charlotte Russe Outlet—I tend to be matchy matchy but then realize I look ridiculous.  I try to match my head bands with an accessory or any other color other than the one most dominant in the outfit.  Matches but not matchy matchy. 

Earrings: Target on clearanceCIMG9081Me: not wearing makeup—another summer staple ;)

Tank top: Old Navy (I have one in every color, a summer staple)

Skirt: ??? Another summer staple.  When it is hot I wear tank top and skirt EVERY day. CIMG9083 Headband: JCrew outlet, more of a splurge, but who doesn’t drool over JCrew?

What are your summer staples?  Do you shop outlets?